mercoledì 12 marzo 2014


Precisiamo che non ci risulta affatto normale, né tranquillizzante, essere costretti a rivolgerci a una compagnia privata straniera per cercare di sapere cosa passa sotto le nostre case e come comportarci in caso d'emergenza. 
Ma sicuramente non possiamo attendere inerti di fronte al silenzio delle nostre istituzioni.

Di seguito il testo inviato alla compagnia di trasporti di materiali nucleari Pacific Nuclear Transport Ltd (PNTL), ad alcune testate giornalistiche britanniche e a Greenpeace.

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From: Murati Vivi Marola
Date: 2014-03-12 15:29 GMT+01:00

Subject: Nuclear material and PNTL ship in La Spezia (Italy) - Info request: kind of nuclear material and emergency procedures

Local media are signaling the presence of a PNTL ship (Pacific Egret) in La Spezia military harbour, during the night of 3rd/4th March.
Some witnesses are also reporting personnel in NBC suits loading the ship with nuclear material, very close to buildings of the village named Marola, far only some one hundered yards from the port. Marola is populated by nearly two thousand people.

As you can easily guess, the above mentioned people are afraid of this dangerous type of activity, but they are far more worried of the complete lack of information.
Local civilian and military (navy) authorities refuse to provide any news relevant this transportation and relevant similar possible future transportation.
It appears quite clear that similar activity has already been scheduled for next months.

You surely agree with us: the material managed is very dangerous and its handling and transportation severely jeopardizes the health and even the life of a lot of people, in case of accident.
The prefecture of La Spezia has communicated that relevant data will be issued to the public only after an accident and/or an environment radioactive contamination take place. But without any prior public information about transportation and safety procedures, every emergency management can only result in a fiasco and, most likely, in a disaster.
The PNTL is perceived to agree with this unsatisfactory point of view and, as you can easily guess, the impact for the public image and perception of your company could be very deeply negative.

We believe that, either as an association or simply as citizens, we are entitled to know what happens next to home, to be informed how to protect ourselves in case of the worst possible scenario and how to get complete protection for our beloved ones, particularly the children.

Up to nowdays, as far as we are involved, it appears that, despite a technology high level and well trained personnel, it is impossible to get a 100% protection. About this, surely, no-one can disagree.

So we require to be precisely informed from you, instead of our useless civilian or military authorities, about the material handled, about your future shipping plan in La Spezia and safety procedure in case of accident.

Kind regards.


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